Examination Related Forms (including thesis/dissertation title approvals)

  1. FHS Exams Application for Approval form
  2. FHS Dissertation Title Application for Approval form
  3. MSt Exams Application for Approval form
  4. MPhil Exams Application for Approval form
  5. MSc Modern Middle Eastern Studies Approval for Options form
  6. MSc Modern Middle Eastern Studies Approval of Dissertation form
  7. MSt in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies – Application for approval of options
  8. General Guidelines for Thesis Writers
  9. Post Graduate Thesis Title Approval Form

Application for a travel, research or language study grant from a trust fund in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

  1. Trust Fund Small Grant Form

Hebrew and Jewish Studies Grant Application Forms

  1. Junior Members
  2. Senior Members

Research Support

  1. Research Activity form
  2. Research allowance coversheet (to be submitted with all claims against postholder allowances)
  3. General Research Grant application form (for general research support)
  4. Graduate language study application form (MPhil students only)
  5. Graduate research application form (Fee-paying PRS/DPhil students only)

Travel on University Business Forms

  1. Travel insurance (for UK and overseas travel)
  2. Risk assessment pro forma blank
  3. Travel and Fieldwork Risk Assessment Form
  4. Travel Insurance - Summary of Cover
  5. Travel Insurance - Emergency Contact Sheet
  6. Travel Insurance - Cover Restrictions

Leave Application Forms

  1. Notes on applying for academic leave
  2. Sabbatical leave application subject group proposal (SL1) form
  3. Application form for dispensation for teaching and administrative duties (for URLs only)
  4. Divisional applications forms for sabbatical and special leave
  5. Absense self certification form


  1. Authorization of Payment for Teaching Classes larger than 8 Students ( see here for casual payroll rates of pay)
  2. Special Tuition - Notes for Guidance    
    1. Form A to commission Special Tuition for supervisors to complete not later than Friday of 8th week of the term before tuition is expected to begin or, for Michaelmas Term Special Tuition, not later than Wednesday of 0th week of Michaelmas Term
    2. Form B to report on Special Tuition - for Special Tuition teachers to complete at the end of term
    3. Form C to claim payment - for Special Tuition teachers to claim payment at the end of term
  3. Application Form for non-Asian and Middle Eastern Studies students to attend Faculty classes
  4. Attendance form for listing non-Faculty students
  5. Graduate Teaching Scheme Application Form
  6. Graduate Teaching Scheme Feedback Form

Other Forms

  1. Application form for faculty membership
  2. Timesheet (non-teaching); Timesheet (teaching)
  3. Expenses claim guidance
  4. Advance request guidance
  5. Lecture list and room booking form: The room booking form has been combined with the lecture list form
  6. Conference Room booking form