Bomgar Remote Access Tool

What to expect from Bomgar

Bomgar is a remote support tool that will allow IT Staff access to your devices (personal, or university owned). It has end-to-end encryption and requires you to authorise IT Support access to your machine. It is important to note that prior to allowing IT access to your machine that you close down anything that you are not happy for them to see, you will be able to end the session at any time however. Furthermore, all sessions are recorded.

Outlined below is the end-to-end process:

  • IT Support will send you an email from the email will contain the member of staffs name, ensure it matches the person you have corresponded with.
  • The email will contain a link, click the link to download the temporary file.

  • Once downloaded you will be presented with the following:

      Customer's support portal

N.B That a security scan may be run at this point, and a sharing icon will appear to display the connection between your device and IT Support

Security scan alert

Sharing icon

  • A text box will appear where you can end the session, or talk to IT Support if you are unable to establish voice communication

Customer text box

N.B The red X is where you can end the session at any time.

  • A prompt will then appear stating that IT Support would like to request full access to your device, at this point select ‘allow’



  • Once the session has ended you will receive a prompt notifying you that support are no longer connected