Sasakawa Fund

Sasakawa Fund

Subject Area: Japanese Studies
Chair: Sir Tim Hitchens
Administrator: Trust funds administrator -

Previous Awards:

  • Travel grants to Japan for research/study. To apply, please complete the Small Grant Form and send it to the trust funds administrator on, along with a cover letter, CV and, for junior members of the University, a letter of support from your supervisor (to be sent by the supervisor directly). Please note that grant applications must be submitted no later than Friday of 4th Week in any term for consideration later that term.
  • Scholarships towards study at the University of Oxford - currently, £10,000 p.a. To apply, please complete the Scholarship Application Form and send it to the trust funds administrator on, along with a CV, a statement of research interests (of no more than six pages) including an outline and research proposal (for research degree applicants only) OR a personal statement (of no more than six pages - for taught degree applicants only) and a reference (to be sent by the referee directly). Please note that scholarship applications must be submitted by 31 March.


§ 313. Sasakawa Fund

1. The University accepts with deep gratitude a benefaction of 200,000,000 Yen from the Japan Shipbuilding Industry Foundation to establish a fund, to be known as the Sasakawa Fund, to be applied to the advancement within the University of knowledge and understanding of Japan by way of academic contact and exchange between members of the University and citizens of Japan.

2. The fund shall be administered by a board of management to be appointed by Council for such periods as it thinks fit.

3. The income of the fund shall be applied to the funding of travel and research in Japan by senior or junior members of the University of Oxford; of study in Oxford by Japanese scholars or students; of the appointment of junior research fellows or research assistants in Oxford; of conferences in Oxford connected with Japan; of publications and of library and other related purposes; or in any other manner which the board of management shall consider will promote the purposes of the fund as expressed in clause 1 above.

4. Council shall have power to amend this decree from time to time, provided always that the main purpose of the fund as defined in clause 1 above is maintained.

Standing Order

Sasakawa Fund

The board of management, appointed by Council, shall administer the fund in accordance with Statutes, 2000, Ch.IX. Sect. I, p. 719-720. Grants shall not be subject to a specific spending limit, although the Faculty Board may request a report from the Board of Management on its activities from time to time.

The Committee considers applications on a termly basis.

Committee Members

  • Sir Tim Hitchens
  • Professor Takehiko Kariya
  • Professor Linda Flores
  • Professor Jennifer Guest
  • Professor Hugh Whittaker
OS No. 31 SOF B1492 Index J/3


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