Davis Scholarships in Chinese

Davis Scholarships in Chinese

Subject Area: Chinese
Chair: Professor Margaret Hillenbrand - margaret.hillenbrand@chinese.ox.ac.uk
Administrator: Rosanna Gosi - rosanna.gosi@ames.ox.ac.uk

Previous Awards:

  • Travel to USA (conference)
  • Subscription
  • Studentship
  • Translation work
  • American Anthropological Association meeting-Washington
  • Substitute teaching 
  • Research visit to Moscow
  • Reimbursement for books


§ 78. Davis Scholarships in Chinese

1. There shall be scholarships to encourage the study of Chinese language and literature, which shall be called the Davis Scholarships in Chinese in memory of the Founder, Sir John Francis Davis, Baronet, KCB, FRS, DCL. The Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies shall be the board of management of the scholarships.

2. The annual value of the scholarships shall be determined by the board from time to time.

3. Up to four scholarships shall be awarded each year to candidates offering Chinese in the Honour School of Oriental Studies. The scholarships shall be awarded in the term prior to the candidates’ compulsory study abroad. The criteria by which the scholarships are awarded shall be determined by the board from time to time.

4. Any surplus income arising from the non-award of the scholarships, or from any other cause, shall at the discretion of the board either be carried forward for expenditure in a subsequent year or be applied in making grants for other purposes connected with the advancement of Chinese studies in the University.

Standing Order

Committee for the Davis Scholarships in Chinese

The committee shall consist of the Shaw Professor of Chinese ex officio and five other members.

The duties of the committee shall be, in accordance with Statutes 2000, Ch.IX, Sect.1, §73, p.618:

(a) To make recommendations on the running of the Davis Scholarships Scheme.

(b) To make or recommend grants for other purposes connected with the advancement of Chinese Studies in the University. The committee shall be empowered to make grants up to £600 provided that such grants are reported to the next meeting of the board. For grants of over £600 the committee shall submit recommendations for the board’s approval.

Committee Members

  • Prof Dirk Meyer
  • Prof Margaret Hillenbrand
  • Mr Shio-Yun Kan
  • Prof Robert Chard
  • Prof Henrietta Harrison
  • Prof Matthew Erie
OS No. 2 SOF B1089 Index CP/4


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